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2021 Autocross Season!

With much joy and excitement I’m happy to announce the 2021 Chuckanut Autocross Season!
After only a school and a couple practices, our previous season was nipped short by Covid-19. So we are making up for losing last years events with a stacked calendar of double header weekends! Too provide some relief from a large 12 event Chuckanut Cup Championship Series, we have practices to shake down the timing equipment in March, as well as seasonal practices every other month. It all wraps up Halloween weekend with a fun “costume” practice on Saturday and a championship finale Sunday.

3-20 Post Hibernation Practice #1
3-21 Post Hibernation Practice #2
4-24 Chuckanut Cup #1
4-25 Chuckanut Cup #2
5-15 Spring Practice
5-16 Chuckanut Cup #3
6-12 Chuckanut Cup #4
6-13 Chuckanut Cup #5
7-31 Summer Practice
8-1 Chuckanut Cup #6
8-28 Chuckanut Cup #7
8-29 Chuckanut Cup #8
9-11 Fall Practice
9-12 Chuckanut Cup #9
10-2 Chuckanut Cup #10
10-3 Chuckanut Cup #11
10-30 Halloween Costume Team Enduro
10-31 Chuckanut Cup #12 (FINALE)

Registration, Event Waiver, and Payment will be open for events on ScoreKeeper.
Please pre-register and pre-pay on Scorekeeper by 9:00am the day of the event.
Please remember to bring your own M2005/SA2005 or newer helmet.

If you would like to keep updated on what’s going on, you can join our Autocross Announce email list, or follow us on Facebook for updates and announcements.

Add these events and our monthly meetings to your calendar with this ICS file.