One Mount Baker Autocross not enough, how about two more??!!

Great News!

We have TWO more Mount Baker autocross events!!

These will again be held at the lower lodge of the Mount Baker Ski Area.  Registration is now open for both events at Register now, as registration closes at 8pm the Friday before the event, and we’ve capped the limit to 50 people.  If you have any problems with registering, please contact Alex Crocker or Nicholas Johnson. We are accepting Paypal or you can pay cash or check the day of the event.

We will be having a potluck, so keep in mind what you want to bring (There will be a BBQ)!

Just a quick reminder, our insurance requires that everyone who drives is a member. Current members, if you haven’t paid your dues already, please head over to the membership section and do so! These last two events will require full membership dues to have been paid. Last event, new members were eligible for a one time trial membership fee of $10 (in addition to the event cost). If you were one of those members, you may use that $10 towards the purchase of the full $30 membership.

I’m also looking for someone to drive our Club van to the event and back down after.  The driver needs to be a current paid member (for insurance purposes) and at least 25 years of age.  This is an extremely important position, and if we don’t have the van, we don’t have an autocross.  Since we typically have some strife getting this position filled, I’m offering half off your entry fee per drive (drive the van up, you get half off, drive it back down, the other half paid for).


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