Happy 60th Anniversary, Chuckanut!

This summer 2016 we will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Chuckanut Sports Car Club.  At this time we are looking for individuals who would like to participate in the planning process.

Please email membership@chucanutscc.org if you would like to join the planning committee!  Expect a few emails throughout the next few months, a meeting as we get close to a date, and oodles of gratitude from the rest of the club for taking the time to make this happen!

To get started, we need to:

  • Pick a date (probably dependent on location…)
  • Arrange and reserve a location (possibly dependent on the date…)
  • Gather options about food and beverages to present to the club at the May and June meetings
  • Brainstorm fun activities for everyone!

Our sincerest appreciation to everyone who is willing to donate a couple hours of their time to help create a memorable and inclusive event for all CSCC members!


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