Costume Team Enduro! (10.30.21)

First ever Costume Team Enduro!

10-30-21 Halloween Costume Team Enduro

The morning will start as a traditional CSCC practice but with donuts, coffee, hot coco, novice course walk and drivers meeting.
We will run the “First Course” through the morning as a normal practice course up to lunch with results shown.
Lunch will be the standard hour break.
After Lunch we will regroup for a quick drivers meeting and another drivers meeting in the Enduro format.
At the end of drivers meeting, we will draw from hats the pairing of teams.
Teams will be split into groups of 2 or 3 drivers depending on both total attendance and novice attendance.
Ideally the classes are split into 3 groups. These being:
– No Novices
– One Novice
– Two Novices
– Better, more nifty names for these are encouraged. Something like Formula “One” Novice or Mid-ship Runabout “2” Novices ect…
We will run the “Second Course” enduro style, but this time without any times showing.
At the end of the event, we will do voting on best dressed car, driver and team (obviously team outfits are not the same as teams you run with!)
While costume voting happens we hope to total team times into a “Third Course” to see the winners of each team class.

We may start a little later than normal as we want to make sure everyone understands how the event works!

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