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Autocross uses cones to make a course in a parking lot or runway. Drivers challenge themselves to improve their time while avoiding cones and staying on the course.


Autocross enforces driver confidence, knowledge of your vehicle, friendly competition, control and precision in tuning and driving.


Competitors range from casual participants in their daily drivers, to hard-core racers in purpose built machines. Whether you're here for the camaraderie, learning, or the competition, there is a Class for you.

The best thing about Autocross is - there are lots of members who would LOVE to help you along the way.

  • What do I need to Autocross?
    Your valid driver’s license A CSCC Membership in active standing (temporary memberships available) Entry fees (cash, credit, or checks accepted) A helmet with a certification on our approved list. Helmets with only a DOT rating are not allowed due to our insurance requirements. (A limited number of loaner helmets are available.) Whatever you need to be prepared for the weather (umbrella, rain suit, tarp, extra water, food, suntan lotion, etc.) Packed lunch if you want to stay on site to eat Closed-toed shoes are recommended A vehicle in good mechanical condition that is not a rollover risk
  • What happens in Autocross?
    Autocross, is a low-to-medium speed, timed driving competition. A course is marked out with traffic cones on a large paved surface that is usually fairly flat. Competitors drive through the course one at a time, each trying to be the fastest person to complete the circuit. Timers record laps down to the thousandth of a second, and each person gets multiple tries at the course during competition (Typically 10-15 runs). Speeds are around 20 to 40 MPH, with very little risk to either the car or participant. Autocross rewards precision driving. Competitors who incorrectly navigate the course or knock cones over or out of their boxes are given time-penalties for that run. Each driver’s single best lap-time is used to determine class winners. Autocross is an “amateur” sport, there is no prize money, but CSCC presents trophies at each event. Typical Day: 8-9 am: Check in - Sign waivers, pay your fees, get your bracelet Course walk - Walk the course with your course map Guided course walk - Walk the course in a group with tips and guidance 9-9:30 am: Driver's Meeting - Safety, work assignments, driving shifts Tech Inspection 9:30 am: 1st Heat Timed Runs - 1/2 group works, other half drives 2nd Heat Timed Runs - 1/2 group works, other half drives 12-1pm: Lunch 1-4pm: 1st Heat Timed Runs - 1/2 group works, other half drives 2nd Heat Timed Runs - 1/2 group works, other half drives End/awards
  • What if I don't have a car to race?
    You can be involved in the CSCC even without a car! Come to an event and volunteer to learn the ropes, or come to a meeting and see how we work behind the scenes. Being involved is the best way to gain trust with other drivers - enough to let you drive their car! We also recommend renting a car!
  • What kinds of cars can compete?
    Just about any car can compete in autocross. Anything from stock, fresh off the dealer lot to a hand built modified car. Reminder that all cars are subject to an onsite safety tech inspection. To avoid any surprises on site see section 3.3.3 Safety Inspections in the SCCA rule book for more information. Cars are assigned to classes depending on their typical performance and any modifications they have. People can have fun autocrossing just about anything. The emphasis is on car handling and driver skill – not just horsepower or raw speed. Cars used for autocross range from completely stock or lightly modified to heavily modified. There are many experienced people at every event that can help answer questions about the rules.
  • How do I register?
    To register for a specific event, you must sign up for SCOREKEEPER and register there. When you are asked, enter if you are a member, or wish to pay for a temporary membership fee. The CSCC uses Scorekeeper along with other regional clubs to track times and rankings. SK only shares your information with us. ​ This is a separate transaction and registration from your yearly Membership dues. To purchase a Season membership, visit the Membership Page.
  • Can someone come and watch me race?
    Yes. Anyone can come watch. Under 16 requires a parent to sign the insurance waiver on their behalf. Most heats occur between 9am - 12pm and 1pm-4pm. Visitors must check in at the van to sign a waiver and get a wrist band. Enter the course through the grid when it is safe to do so. A volunteer will show you the safest place from which to spectate. Park in the designated areas. Stay off the course at all times.
  • Can I have a passenger?
    CSCC allows passengers on competition runs, meaning you can ride with other drivers and someone ride with you. ONE EXCEPTION FOR SAFETY: novices are not allowed to ride with novices. Don’t worry about not knowing exactly what to do, our experienced drivers will be glad to help you through the day and give you some driving tips as well.
  • Do you race in all weather?
    Yes! Come prepared for any weather, as you will be standing outside for long periods of time. Racing is not cancelled unless severe weather conditions arise like lightning, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, or flooding.
  • Where does it take place?
    Bellingham Airport Overflow Lot C, 3875 Sound Way, Bellingham Washington When traveling west on Bakerview Road, pass the entrance to the Airport, and take the next right on to Sound Way. Park in the gravel lots that will be on your left (see green area on map). Do not enter course if cars are active. Before and after runs, walking into the fenced gates from Sound Way is okay. Otherwise, you must enter from Williamson way through the grid.
  • What class will I be in?
    New to autocross, or don’t want to worry about figuring out which class your car fits into right away? SCCA has a tool to help with that! The Novice, and Time Only classes are open to all cars regardless of modifications. We can also help class you at registration on site.
  • Do I have to be a member to participate?
    No. You can pay a $10 "temporary membership" fee to register for a weekend of events.
  • What are the rules for the CSCC events?
    The official rules are available to

Registering on Scorekeeper

The CSCC uses Scorekeeper along with other regional clubs to track times and rankings.  In order to register for a race, you must register through Scorekeeper.  Scorekeeper only shares your information with us.  

This is a separate transaction and registration from your yearly Membership dues. 

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