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CSCC 2022 Season

After a large prior season, it’s time to slim it down and mix it up.
This year we are getting to do a Novice School, a traditional (T.Swift inspired) Practice, and 2 Gymkhana invitationals and a 10 points event championship season.
The Novice School will be great for new and returning-after-an-absence autocrossers to break the ice, learn car control and course reading basics, while also getting to learn how an event is usually ran.
After the traditional practice, the 2 gymkhana events could be ran as practices for autocrossers, but are setup for a looser approach to driving. Drivers interested in attending the Gymkhana events are encouraged to reach out to Josiah for more details and driver requirements.
Just past halfway, we are making the trek to Sanderson Field in Shelton to feature a special event in the Western Washington Sports Car Council series. The event will feature 2 high speed courses, one morning and one afternoon. On site camping will be available the night before, for those who look to get some extra social time with other members, save on hotels, and spare an early morning drive! Register on scorekeeper like usual, but we are asking that you do it on both the WWSCC and CSCC series, this is to use the WWSCC event day of for timing and their series, and for us to copy/paste results into an event for us to track season points!
Stars-in-Cars if for competitors that either win their class at an event or for the season, and those volunteers that have been critical to help run events thought the year (Novice School Instructors, *cough cough*).
The 2nd Annual Costume endro returns, with awards for Best dressed driver and runner up!

3-26 Novice School
3-27 Feelin’ 22 Practice
4-23 Chuckanut Cup #1
4-24 Chuckanut Cup #2
5-21 Chuckanut Cup #3
5-22 Chuckanut Cup #4
7-2 Gymkhana #1 (Invitational) Morning only half-day w/BBQ
7-3 Chuckanut Cup #5
8-28 Chuckanut Cup #6 in Shelton with WWSCC
9-10 Gymkhana #2 (Invitational) Afternoon only half-day w/Sleeping In
9-11 Chuckanut Cup #7
9.24 Chuckanut Cup #8
10-8 Chuckanut Cup #9
10-9 Chuckanut Cup #10
10-29 Stars-in-Cars Invitational
10-30 Halloween Costume Team Enduro

Registration, Event Waiver, and Payment will be open for events on ScoreKeeper.
Please pre-register and pre-pay on Scorekeeper by 8:30am the day of the event.
Please remember to bring your own M2010/SA2010 or newer helmet.

If you would like to keep updated on what’s going on, you can join our Autocross Announce email list, or follow us on Facebook for updates and announcements.

2021 CSCC Banquet

After a year hiatus, it’s time for the annual 2021 CSCC Banquet!

Time: Saturday January 22nd 2022 6PM Social, 7PM Awards
Location Goods Local Brews, 2620 Northwest Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225
Details: This outdoor venue is to accommodate covid-19 challenges. The club will provide 1 free drink ticket for members. We usually cover more but are looking to keep this year’s banquet affordable due to the clubs new van purchase! Food will be available via food trucks on site. Dress warm, but event tents and heaters are up!
We are hoping to have the “Stuff Box” refilled in time for this event. Please fill out the survey below to help in ordering the appropriate sizes and items!

This is also your reminder to get this year’s membership renewed at the special January rate of $20! As of February 1st membership will revert to the standard $30 price, with the allowance of one weekend membership to be credited towards your annual membership.Please send your $20 to the treasure via PayPal or via cash at the Banquet!

-Taylour (Tyler Waygu) Wargo

CSCC Slushy Spectacular

Sunday January 9th we are welcoming in the new year with a practice to keep the reflexes up to date. We have been eager to see our Canadian friends all 2021, and it wasn’t until after the end of the season that the regulations relaxed to a more “regular” standard at the border crossing. We are making the most of the weekend (being that we have the logistics set up for the whole weekend) and committing the Sunday to a open-to-all Slush Series esque practice! Hope to see you there!