2020 Autocross Dates

2020 Autocross events:

2-15 Novice School
2-16 Practice
2-29 Leap Day Practice
3-21 Championship Event 1 – Canceled
4-11 Championship Event 2 – Canceled
5-23 Championship Event 3 – Canceled
6-6 Championship Event 4 – Canceled
6-21 Fathers Day Practice Canceled
7-5 Championship Event 5 – Canceled
8-9 Championship Event 6 – Canceled
9-6 Championship Event 7 – Canceled
9-19 Championship Event 8 – Canceled
10-10 Championship Event 9 – Canceled
10-11 Championship Event 10 Canceled
10-31 Halloween Costume Party Practice – Canceled
11-1 Stars-In-Cars! Canceled

Registration will be open for events on ScoreKeeper once guidance from the CDC and the Governor indicate it is safe to hold events.

If you would like to keep updated on what’s going on, you can join our Autocross Announce email list, or follow us on Facebook for updates and announcements.

If you have any questions about autocross, feel free to send an email to the Autocross Chair at autocross@chuckanutscc.org

Introduction to Autocross Novice School

New to Autocross? Want to improve your car control?

Whether you never have, or you are new to autocross you can participate! The objective at this school is to learn the feel for the vehicle when worked towards the limit in a safe and controlled environment. Learn and practice autocross fundamental elements and techniques. Look ahead, Think ahead, Drive ahead!

Currently 20 limited spots are available.
Cost is $60

After a Saturday of learning the ropes, you can tie the knots on Sunday at our Winter Practice. The Sunday event is $10 off at $40 for students of the Saturday school!

Want to learn more? Look HERE